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For many times, finding the balance between winning their blood-sweat-and-tears research into a top undergraduate journal, and deliberately getting it into the literature, can be a more frustrating process.

Today’s NCO: Adaptive and continual learners

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Nonprofit Journalism: A Growing but Fragile Part of the U.S. News System

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If you have glided this item and are not yet memorable with RePEc, we encourage you to do it here. This allows to link your profile to this nonetheless. Positive psychological research has clearly highlighted the importance of investigating factors that contribute to well-being.

One factor contributing greatly to psychological well-being is mindfulness, which has been related to a wide range of positive outcomes, including healthy self-esteem. The Role of Fiscal Policies in Health Promotion; doi: /5k3twr94kvzx-en Thow AM, Jan S, Leeder S, Swinburn B.

The effect of fiscal policy on diet, obesity and chronic disease: a. Portable peer-review to prevent a pillar-to-post process. Simon Harold 11 Jun 2. A new cross-publisher initiative to help make the peer-review process a little less protracted aims to prevent wasted reviewer effort by allowing authors to take their reviewers’ reports to the BMC-series if their manuscript is rejected from eLife.

Downloadable! GARCH models include most of the stylized facts of financial time series and they have been largely used to analyze discrete financial time series.

In the last years, continuous time models based on discrete GARCH models have been also proposed to deal with non-equally spaced observations, as COGARCH model based on Lévy processes. June 10, Nonprofit Journalism: A Growing but Fragile Part of the U.S. News System. And roughly half of the outlets produced 10 or fewer pieces of original content in the two-week period studied.

“We need to invest in a business staff that can sustain a business model,” acknowledged one. Complicating that effort, though, is the. Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to provide practitioners and students a practical yet comprehensive set of templates for applying Michael Porter's five forces framework for industry analysis.

Design/methodology/approach – Based on experiences with practicing managers, small business owners, industry analysts, academics, and students, a set of industry analysis templates that.

2013 06 10 132723 model journal
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