Foreign coursework evaluation

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The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy

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International Admissions

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Foreign Coursework

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The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy

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Course-by-Course Evaluation - $ USD Includes the Basic Evaluation with a list of each course completed along with suggested equivalent U.S.

grades and credits. This service is recommended for students seeking credit for their coursework abroad. or a "course-by-course" evaluation (which includes a "document-by-document" evaluation) of your foreign education. The cost of evaluating your foreign education is paid by the applicant. Foreign Credential Evaluations, Inc.

(FCE) evaluates credentials received from educational institutes abroad and compares them to degrees from educational institutions in the United States.

Credentials are evaluated for law firms, universities and employers for individuals, and for individuals themselves. Foreign Credential Evaluation. All degree seeking Melbourne and FIT Orlando international graduate applicants with any university-level educational experience outside the United States, in a language other than English, are required to provide the Florida Tech admission office an official foreign credit evaluation (FCE) translated into English, including the cumulative grade point average.

The results of the evaluation must be in English. o A course-by-course evaluation is usually the most efficient way for your transcripts to be evaluated by the translating agency and by hiring.

Foreign coursework evaluation
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