My dream country of bangladesh

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Sheikh Hasina

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I'm awful with tech, I don't know how to code, design or programme. One of my university friends told me I'd be "setting my career back" when I once discussed my dream of living in India.

'Money to be made' For those who moved some time ago, like Rahul Bathija. Bangladesh's former chief justice was forced to resign last November after the head of the country's military intelligence agency threatened him at the behest of the government, according to a.

Dec 24,  · So the prompt is to write about an issue of local, national or international concern. so I decided to write how I want to help improve the situation of the impoverished in my country - Bangladesh.

The main idea is that I want to help my country in what way I can, I don't want to dedicate my whole.

My dream country of bangladesh
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Bangladesh: Ex-chief justice alleges he was 'forced' to resign' | News | Al Jazeera