My passion on photography

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My Passion

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My step-mum's friend is an amateur photographer, and she has looked at my work and says I have some potential; other people have also said my pictures show promise, which gives me a boost!

I've heard that photography is not an easy GCSE to take, so I will take that into consideration, but it's not every day you get the chance to study your passion! I’m 18 this year in Singapore, and I just started photography for about 3 months, picking up skills from magazine and videos on Youtube.

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Although I’m only getting my Canon 60D in April and start real shooting by then, I never give up my passion for photography. Andy Martin Photography ~ Your Love. My Passion.

is a in Tampa, FL. Read reviews and contact Andy Martin Photography ~ Your Love. My Passion. directly on The Knot. The idea of becoming a sports photographer came to me quite late, in my second year of college. I did want to become a photographer long before that moment, but what really troubled me was that I couldn’t find Read More.

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My passion on photography
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