Optimism and health paper

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Optimism and Health

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It is possible that makes predispose some people to optimism, and that the same hopes exert a direct effect on health and clarity. In this paper we will be discussing the effects of optimism on both physical and psychological health.

We will be gathering our facts from two peer reviewed articles that I researched in the University Library.

May 14,  · This overview is an attempt to explore the “optimism” concept and its relations with mental health, physical health, coping, quality of life and adaptation of. Optimism And Pessimism On Mental Health And Physical Health Essay Additionally, a study conducted with HIV positive participants analyzed the role of an optimistic mindset in disease progression, over the course of two years.

Optimism appears to protect the heart and circulation — and it's heartening to learn that it can have similar benefits for overall health.

Optimism & Health

A large, short-term study evaluated the link between optimism and overall health in 2, older adults. Optimism is Good for Your Health. Inresearchers studied the results of 83scientific studies measuring the impact of optimism on physical health.

Whether an individual study looked at overall longevity, survival from a disease, heart health, immunity, cancer outcomes, pregnancy outcomes, pain.

In this paper we will be discussing the effects of optimism on both physical and psychological health. We will be gathering our facts from two peer reviewed articles that I researched in the University Library.

Optimism and health paper
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Optimism and Its Impact on Mental and Physical Well-Being