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Manufactured in the United States, Kenall light fixtures provide advanced solutions for a variety of industries, including correctional, healthcare, clean room, and more.

Jul 07,  · Carpet shampoo or upholstery cleaning composition.

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Staley Manufacturing Company (Decatur, IL) ("Primapel" C carboxylated acrylic polymer from Rhom and Haas) and about 80 weight percent (on a total composition weight basis) of water.

Masonry and brick sealers protect the substrates from damage caused by water. Applied Technologis offers sealers for both the interior and exterior of a building. Water-based silane/siloxane water repellent. After curing, the brick or masonry will stop wind driven rains.

In these examples, carpet shampoo compositions are prepared containing (on an active solids basis) 10 weight percent of a higher alkyl glucoside surfactant, 10 weight percent of a water dispersible acrylic polymer composition ("Primapel" C carboxylated acrylic polymer from Rhom and Haas) and about 80 weight percent (on a total composition.

Case Study #1: Primapel Manufacturing Company, Inc.

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Company Background: Primapel Manufacturing Company, Inc. was a trader and manufacturer of paper products. October 9, – PMCI registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission primarily to trade sorted waste paper products, kraft liner board and to manufacture paper products.

Prime-A-Pell H2O is a clear, filmless, penetrating water-based water repellent for virtually all above-grade, vertical concrete, stucco, precast, brick, sandstone and block masonry.

Primapel manufacturing
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