Songwriting apprenticeship

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Dance Education

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Songwriters turned pop stars: the Bruno Mars strategy

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Hands-on, experiential learning opportunities provide students with unique insight into the music business, audio engineering, entertainment, songwriting, media and motion pictures industries. Explore our programs and find the one that speaks to you. The RBC Apprentice Program offers six post-secondary artists one year of mentorship with The Musical Stage Company, learning from our local and visiting artists and receiving substantial showcase opportunities to help build the foundation for their careers.

“Whenever I take a break,” saysa Recording Connection graduate Sebastian Lefeld, “I’m always thinking there’s someone else out there who’s doing what.

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Nov 17 How to Write Lush Strings -. Growing up, she served her songwriting apprenticeship in the band Alisha’s Attic, where she shared writing and singing duties with her sister Shellie.

With Dave Stewart as producer on their first album, Alisha’s Attic were praised by critics in the late 90’s for their “perfect radio songs” and went on to have success both in the UK Title: songwriter.

Songwriting apprenticeship
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